Brother Peter Trong Pham, O.Carm.
Fourth Year Simply Professed Student Friar
Vietnam Mission






My favorite saints in Carmel are John of the Cross, Therese of Child Jesus, and Teresa of Avila

I am from Viet Nam. I joined the Carmelites when I was a student. I was inspired by the story of St. John of the Cross when one time, by chance, watching the movie St. John of the Cross. His story inspired my religious vocation and lead me to the Order of Carmel. I have been in the Order for 9 years. I am in the fourth year of simple professed.


Do you have any devotions, if so, what?

 I have devotion to Mary by the practice of wearing the scapular and saying the rosary daily.


 What has been most challenging in regards to your prayer life?

My most challenging in prayer so far is to remain focus on prayer. I felt sometimes my mind traveling so far from what I recite or meditate on. It usually relates to what in my study or my ministry.


What are some ways that you have served the Province? What is your current ministry?

I am in formation, so there is not much I can serve the Province. My current ministries are spiritual accompaniment with a young migrant group and teaching CCD in the parish.



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