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You have now reached the Frequently Asked Questions portion of our webpage! Congratulations and thank you for visiting our webpage. We know that your inner curiosity has led you to scope through our page to see what we are all about! Below are two tips for discerners who might still be torn on what to do next. 


It’s easy to get caught up in the discernment process. Perhaps it often brings about some anxiety and uneasiness. Before you got to this page, you were already asking yourself the question, "what does God want from me?" Discerning is a hard process that can't be solved overnight. There are many Religious Congregations and Orders out there, it's nearly impossible to visit all of them! Proper discernment leads one to commit and to give himself fully to God, to trust in God in the process, and watch slowly how God works in his life during the formation process.

Spiritual Direction

We all know that the greatest spiritual director is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit doesn't always send us a clear message, and sometimes it's hard to interpret. This is one of the reasons why we have spiritual directors. Spiritual directors help us to understand better what the Holy Spirit is saying to us in the silence of our hearts. They are there to accompany us in unfolding the riches of God's message. A good spiritual director will accompany you towards God and will help you see the path the Lord is leading you to. 

Contact Us

We are here for you to guide you every step of the way. Reach out to one of our vocation directors and they will be happy to talk with you about any questions that you may have! Our vocation directors also serve as spiritual directors, so they are here to listen to what God is asking of you.

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