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Fr. Francis Amodio, O.Carm.                   Director of Vocations, USA   

Fr. Nicholas Blackwell, O.Carm.              Assistant Director of Vocations

Fr. Mikhail Woodruffe, O.Carm.               Director of Vocations, Trinidad & Tobago

Fr. Francis Pio Khoa, O.Carm.                Director of Vocations, Vietnam

Bro. Marlon Beharry, O.Carm.                USA

Bro. Von Erick M. Sandoval, O.Carm.    USA                                               

Bro. Anthony Thanh Nguyen, O.Carm.  Vietnam

Carmelite Friars

North American Province of Saint Elias

P.O. Box 3079

68 Carmelite Drive

Middletown, NY 10940

1- 845 - 344 - 2225


© 2021 Carmelite Friars North American Province of Saint Elias

Based out of Middletown, N.Y.


Celebrating the Year of Saint Joseph 2020- 2021

Patron of the Order and the Church


"Fill us with a jealous zeal for God, and grant to us new companions on the journey to the Holy Mountain, Christ our Lord."


Contact Information:     Tel: 845-344-2225

Fr. Francis Amodio, O.Carm., Director of Vocations   845-800-9250

Fr. Nicholas Blackwell, O.Carm., Assistant Director of Vocations

Mrs. Rosemary Williams, Vocations Office Secretary

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