How do I get started in discerning a Vocation with the Carmelite Friars?

We accept applications from men who's ages are between 18 and 35. 

1. Arrange an interview with one of the vocation directors. Their numbers are found on the bottom of the page or the "Contact Us" section.

2. After the interview, the Vocation Director will invite the candidate to a Vocation Discernment Weekend. During the Vocation Weekend, the candidate has the opportunity to meet various friars from the province. 

3. After the Vocation Weekend, the Vocation Director and the Candidate continue to discern his possible vocation. During this time the candidate can apply to the Order of Carmelites. 

4. We accept candidates for our Pre- Novitiate program during the months of December and August which is based on the academic calendar of Seton Hall University. 

5. Once the Candidate is accepted to our Pre-Novitiate program he enters the Pre-Theology program of Seton Hall University, and formally begins his Carmelite Formation at St. Eliseus Priory. 

If you have any questions regarding the formation process, get in touch with the Vocations Department today! 



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