Carmelite Vocation Newsletter 

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Chariots of Fire 

Spring Edition 2021

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Chariots of Fire 

Fall Edition 2020


© 2021 Carmelite Friars North American Province of Saint Elias

Based out of Middletown, N.Y.


Celebrating the Year of Saint Joseph 2020- 2021

Patron of the Order and the Church


"Fill us with a jealous zeal for God, and grant to us new companions on the journey to the Holy Mountain, Christ our Lord."


Contact Information:     Tel: 845-344-2225

Fr. Francis Amodio, O.Carm., Director of Vocations   845-800-9250

Fr. Nicholas Blackwell, O.Carm., Assistant Director of Vocations

Mrs. Rosemary Williams, Vocations Office Secretary

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