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Among the gifts of the Spirit is the evangelical life, which we profess as religious, called by Christ to live and to spread his transforming and liberating power, and even evangelical life itself, in a manner that is specific to us, effective, and contemporary. This life is characterized by an intense search for God, in total adherence to Christ, finding expression in fraternal life and apostolic zeal.

      ----- Carmelite Constitutions

The Carmelites of the Province of St. Elias are comprised of men coming from all over the United States, Trinidad, and Tobago, and Vietnam to follow that same calling and to serve in allegiance to Jesus Christ. 
Through our prayer, community, and service our Ancient Religious Order continues the Carmelite Charism started over 800 years ago. In this section, we will feature some of our Friars, both solemn and simply professed Friars. 

Please, sign up for a retreat and get a chance to meet our priests and brothers.

Carmelite Spotlight

Schafer 2021_edited.jpg

Bro. Schafer Knostman, O.Carm.

Simply Professed

Student Friar

Trong 1.png

Rev. Bro. Peter Trong Pham, O.Carm.

Solemnly Professed Student Friar


marlon 3.jpg

Rev. Marlon Beharry, O.Carm. 

Newly Ordained priest

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