Celebrating the Year of Saint Joseph     2021- 2022

Patron of the Order and the Church


"By our lives of prayer, brotherhood, and service, may we inspire others to walk with us." 

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Carmelites devoted to Mary,
seeking the Face of God,
through prayer, fraternity, and ministry.

Celebrating Year of Saint Joseph 2021- 2022
Patron of the Order and the Church


The Carmelites official name in the Church is the Brothers of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel.  It is a long name, and the only Order in the Church named after a historically significant mountain range, Mount Carmel. The brothers who were living on Mount Carmel knew that it was known to be the land that Elijah proclaimed the one true God. The God who brought them out of the desert and gave them a home.  As a religious order in the Catholic Church, the Carmelite friars follow Christ and look to live out a life of allegiance to God by offering God a pure heart and a stout conscience. Jesus, the son of God, is our Lord and example of how to live in this world with our fellow brothers and sisters. It is Jesus we owe our allegiance, and Elijah and Mary that provide us wonderful examples of people who heard the voice of God and responded generously. The official words that describe the relationship we have with Elijah and Mary can be found in the Carmelite Constitutions of 1995.


The Order of Carmelites, also known as the Order of the Brothers of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel is a thriving religious family dedicated to serving people as men and women of God. As one of the major mendicant religious orders in the Catholic Church, we have been following the Rule of St. Albert for the past 800 years!  This rule, the shortest of all rules, is based on scriptural precepts and lays out a way of life in which the brothers live in allegiance to Jesus Christ.

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The purpose of formation is to help the candidate grow in understanding the charism and the spiritual tradition of Carmel.

" The vocation to the Carmelite life is God's free and gratuitous initiative, which demands and generates a personal response: The fundamental choice of a life is concretely and radically dedicated to following Christ. "

             Carmelite Formation: A Journey Of Transformation no.8

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Bro. Schafer Knostman, O.Carm. after receiving his habit on 13 June 2021.

Brother Marlon Beharry, O.Carm. ordination to the diaconate on Saturday, 9 January 2021 at Whitefriars Hall in Washington DC


Carmelites work in a variety of ministries in the Church.  What makes our charism unlike others is that we don't have a specific ministry, so we minister in places where the Church needs us! Through our Carmelite core values, prayer, and fraternity, we are involved as chaplains, spiritual directors, pastors, teachers, and campus ministers, among many others.

Considering a vocation to religious life and priesthood?
Where to begin? Who to talk to? Contact us!


"May Mary, our mother, and the Splendor of Carmel intercede for us that there may be new servants of your Son within our Order and Province!"

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